Can you make GLADIATORS cracked?

We do not support certain practices like pay to win or software piracy. Cracked accounts work by exploiting Minecraft's login system to allow you to play for free. That is illegal and immoral.

Can my friend join on Bedrock?

Yes! Anyone can join on Bedrock Edition with the regular IP (play.gladiatorsmc.net) and the port 25565.

How much does this server cost?

On average about $90 a month. Generally 5% of that is made back with sales. Don't worry, it's a passion project and isn't going away any time soon.

Why does no one play?

It's a small server, especially if you're outside of the united states. Over 60% of players are in the U.S. so you might be playing while they're asleep.

How many players do you get?

There are about 650 unique players and 6000 sessions per month. Sessions include the same players joining multiple times in the count.

What hosting do you use?

Hetzner online, it's a German company providing well-priced dedicated hosting. If you'd like more information about what hosting you should use check out the video that I (SkyBoi, the owner and guy who's writing this) made about the topic.

Hosting Recommendations

Can I have a rank?

There are several ways to get one. You could buy one right here on this website, and there are also staff applications and content creator applications on the homepage. You can also buy them with tokens, which can be earned by voting and claiming daily rewards. Note that we do not provide personalized ranks.

Can I get a refund?

If the purchase you made was less than 2 weeks ago you may request a refund in the discord. Note that you must prove there was a problem with your purchase, not wanting it anymore isn't a viable reason. We retain the right to deny your request, but that will only happen with a very good reason. Once you're approved your money should be returned within 24 hours.