1. No mods/software that give you an unfair advantage
  2. No hate speech, death threats, etc
  3. No abusing exploits
  4. No evading punishments
  5. No crossteaming in PVP gamemodes
  6. No spamming or swearing
  7. No resource packs that give you an unfair advantage
  8. All creations must be PG
  9. No stealing in Fishing Simulator
  10. No sabotaging in Lucky Block Battle
  11. No boosting or combat logging in KitPVP
  12. No advertising
  13. Do not misuse server features such as /report
  14. Do not act excessively childish unless everyone online is fine with it

Even if whoever you're playing against gives you permission, that does not mean you can do whatever you want. Please abide by these rules at all times.




  • High performance
  • Add your own external mods in Documents > GLADIATORS
  • Sign in through the vanilla launcher for added security
  • Enable/disable mods with ease
  • Designed specifically for playing on GLADIATORS
    • /hub keybind (among others)
    • GLADIATORS is automatically added to your server list
    • Nothing built-in will get you banned
    • GLADIATORS themed mods

Download GLADIATORS Launcher


When you join the GLADIATORS Minecraft Network, your IP is saved. It is NEVERĀ used for anything except:

  1. Keeping track of alt accounts
  2. Analyzing what countries the playerbase as a whole joins from

We do not sell your data, nor use for anything not listed above, ever. The way Minecraft is built forces us to keep logs and it's standard for every server.